June 18th 2018

The Burford Recruitment Company is ideally positioned to be able to provide a professional and traditional recruitment service across Oxfordshire and the wider Cotswolds. We specialise in the office, professional and technical sectors, and in filling permanent, fixed term and temporary vacancies

How did you start your company?

A couple of years ago we were presented with an opportunity by a group that specialises in helping experienced recruiters set up their own businesses. With over 30 years in the recruitment industry between us, they felt that we had the right mix of skills and experience to be successful, and we felt that not only was it the right time for us personally, but crucially that there was room in the market for a recruitment company in West Oxfordshire that does things a little differently. A better work life balance was obviously also appealing as we have a young family, but here we are nearly two years in with a profitable and growing business, a great client base, in new offices and looking to the future.


What are you working on at the moment?

One of the things we wanted our brand to represent when we started was quality over quantity and that’s what we focus on day in day out. We are currently working with some of the best businesses in the area on a range of Office, Professional and Technical vacancies. One of the most important things for us is to retain our current clients so that we don’t need to focus so much on sales. As a result, we try to really get to know our clients, we spend a lot of time ensuring that any candidate we put forward knows all they can about the opportunity and that they will fit the clients business. With nearly 80% of applicants we put forward being invited to interview we think we are doing pretty well in that respect, but most importantly so do our clients which is creating a lot of repeat business.


What do you like about Witney BIC / how does this fit with you needs?

Witney BIC is a professional work place that has the right feel for us. The team here are personable and welcoming to our candidates and clients which ensures the right first impression. In addition The Witney BIC gives us great office space, and facilities like training and conference rooms that allow us to provide more services than our competitors, and all at a very reasonable cost. One of the most attractive elements is the rolling contract which when the time is right will allow us to increase the size of our offices with very little fuss.


How do you see the future of your Company?

The long term plans for the company is to bring on board another 2-3 experienced recruiters to join the team. People with the quality and ethos that can help us develop the brand so that it becomes synonymous with quality and professionalism across Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. After that perhaps look to open another branch. Who knows… watch this space!

"The space we have taken fits well with our business and the professional image is what we were looking for"

Witney BIC provides a selection of office space solutions for 1 to 30 people and is owned by Blenheim Palace.

Alli Anderson, Centre Manager at Witney BIC, said: “Having Chris & Jodie on board adds a distinctive bonus to companies onsite looking for temporary or permanent staff"

June 25th 2020

Zipply Limited

Whether you are a business looking to fill a vacancy or a candidate seeking the next step in your career, The Burford Recruitment Company works in partnership with you, delivering a transparent and professional service with a relaxed and personable touch.

June 15th 2018


While you and your team know your business intimately, we can bring the benefit of a third-party perspective and the experience of many years and multiple sectors to develop new ideas and opportunities.

September 14th 2016


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